Read. Meditate. Share.

VirtueBible for Android helps you to read, meditate, and share the word of God easily, even while you're "on the go", with just a simple "touch and click". Now there's no longer any reason not to take your Bible closer with you anytime anywhere!


The Bible for the Android platform gets even better!

VirtueBible, the Bible for Android platform, now gets even more personal. It SPEAKS to you!  Using Text-to-Speech technology, VirtueBible for Android can read a single verse, a range of verses, or the whole chapter for you.  Also with the SE edition, you can now record a Voice note along with your marker.  Plus a lot more enhancements:

  • Text-to-Speech technology
  • Fast engine
  • Multi verse selection
  • Markers, notes, highlight, search, history
  • Share (with email/SMS), Memorizer, and  a lot more
Preview - The Bible for the Android platform gets even better!

Read your Bible

With VirtueBible, the best bible for Android platform, reading your bible everyday has never been easier.  It offers not only so many bible translations in various languages that you can choose, but the application offers a lot of features that makes studying the scripture pleasantly simple and enjoyable.

VirtueBible for Android also provides settings that you can use to customize the application to suit your reading preferences and style.

Preview - Read your Bible

Meditate the word of God

The word of God is the source of wisdom, knowledge, and truth.  VirtueBible, the most user-friendly Android bible application, helps your meditation flowing as a spring with features like:

  • marker, voice notes, and text notes with tagging
  • Memorizer with lots of popular passages to memorize
  • and others …
Preview - Meditate the word of God

Share the good news

Good news are meant to be shared.  VirtueBible, the most intuitive bible application for Android, makes it easy and simple to share the gospel with your family, friends, colleagues and your other contacts, using:

  • Email application (e.g. GMail)
  • Text Message/SMS
  • twitter (if you’ve installed twitter client like Twidroid, or other application)
Preview - Share the good news


FREE Edition

VirtueBible FE is the FREE bible application for Android. It is packed with basic features to read the bible of your choice, create markers to highlight passages, do some searching, history, and other features to help you study the bible effectively and enjoyable. It also includes Memorizer Lite to help you memorize popular verses. This Lite version is limited to only around 50 memory verses. The Memorizer Full version, which is included in the Standard Edition, has more than 350 memory verses, and the ability to add your own.

The VirtueBible FE is now available from the Android Market and other app stores, like SlideME and others.

Get the Standard Edition!

The Standard Edition of VirtueBible application for Android, VirtueBible SE, adds a lot more advanced and exciting features on top of the free edition, such as:

  • text-to-speech technology
  • creating markers, voice notes, text notes, tags
  • sharing passages or notes via email/SMS/tweet
  • Memorizer full version (>350 verses + your own)
  • a lot of bible translations
  • and a lot more ...
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